Cattle Sales

Kingsville Livestock Auction Customers,

We would like to thank you for sticking with us through these difficult times. While we are trying to get back into our normal routine, we ask that you continue to follow the CDC guidelines on social distancing. Please continue to check our website or call our office at 816-597-3331 for any updates. Again, we thank you for your business.

Special Cow & Bull Sale:

Saturday, August 15,2020 @ 11 a.m.

Bulls Consigned:

  • Hughes: 1 Black Balancer 3 yr old Bull off Flying H Genetics.
  • Tilking Farms: 1 3 yr. old Reg. Blk Angus Bull. No papers; Cow Bull. Semen & Trich tested.

 Cows Consigned:

  • Sikes Farms: 14 Blk Hfrs 2 yrs old, 1000 wt. 3rd Period Start Calving Sept 1st., Bred to Seedstock Balancer Bulls, all Home-Raised.
  • Collins Farms: 40 Blk-Bwf Cows 3-6yrs old, 1st & 2nd Period, Bred to Reg. Sydenstricker Angus Bulls.
  • Hughes: 4 1st calf heifer pairs.  5 Black Steers 500-700 wt.  2 Black hfrs w/ spring calves P1.  18  Cows w/ spring bred.  All worked June 3rd by Koch & Stigge.
  • Owens Farms: 15 Black Angus pairs 3-5 yrs. w/ 250# calves. 15 Black Angus 3-5 yrs. P3 Bred to Hereford Bulls.
  • Raney Cattle: 30 Red Angus 3-5 yrs old cows P3 bred to Judd Ranch bulls. Start calving Sept. 1st.
  • Bussinger Farms: 16 Angus Heifers, 10 Red Angus Heifers 1100 wt all bred to LBW Ultra Black Bulls. Start Calving Oct 1st for 60 days.  Nice set of gentle heifers.
  • Braden Farms: 15 Blk-Bwf Cows 3-6 yrs. old w/ 200 lb calves at side
  • Evans Farms: 20 Blk Cows SS Cows. 2nd & 3rd Period. Bred to Angus Bulls
  • Blair Ranch: 60 Blk-Bwf Cows 3-4 yrs. old. All coming 2nd calf, 3rd period. 60 blk-Bwf Cows 5-6 yrs. old. 3rd Period. All Cows bred to Blk Angus & Balancer Bulls. Bulls were turned in Thanksgiving day. Nice set of Fall calving cows.
  • Bosh Farms: 15 Blk Cows 3-6 yr. Old w/ 250 lb calves at side.
  • Simpson: 20 Red Angus Cows 3-6 yrs old. 2nd & 3rd Period. Cows bred Blk Angus Bull. All cows bred to Blk Angus & Horned Hereford Bulls. Bulls were turned in Thanksgiving day. Nice set of Fall calving cows.
  • Jones Farms Complete Dispersal: 19 Blk-Red Angus Cows 4 yrs old; 3rd Period. 10 Blk-Red Cows 5 yrs. old; 3rd Period. 20 Blk-Red Cows SS. 3rd Period. All cows are due to calve this fall & bred to Reg. Blk Angus Bulls
  • B-C Farms: 10 Blk Cows 3-7 yrs. old, 3rd Period. All cows are due to calve this fall bred Reg. Angus Bulls.
  • Schulte Farms: 7 Fancy Blk Angus Heifers, 2 yrs. old, 3rd Period.,1100 wt. Bred Reg. Angus LBW Bulls. Heifers have had their shots, very gentle,  & start calving August 22nd.
  • Dent Farms: 12 Blk Angus Cows, 5 yrs. old-SS, 3rd Period. Bred Blk Angus  Bull. All fall calving Cows.
  • McElwain Farms: 50  Blk Heifers; 1000 wt & had all shots. Bred LBW Flying H Genetics Angus  Bulls. All home raised; bulls were turned in Thanksgiving Day.
  • Cameron Griffin Complete Dispersal 18  blk 3-4 yr old Cows. Bred to LBW Reg. Angus Bulls. 62  5 yrs old to SS Cows. Bred Reg. Angus Bulls. All cows are in the 3rd Period, bulls were turned in Dec. 15 & start calving mid-September.  Nice set of easy going fall calving cows; had all shots. Cows are selling due to work schedule.
  • Shackelford Farms : 40 blk Cows;SS-BM. Bred Black Angus Bulls. Start calving September 1st
  • Schmidli Farms : 10 blk Cows;3-6 yrs old Bred  Sim. Angus Bulls all in the 3rd Period.


Buying Cattle

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Selling Cattle

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