Cattle Sales


Special Cow & Bull Sale in Conjugation w/ Show-Me-Select Bred Heifers, Saturday, November 28th @ 11 am 

Bulls Consigned:    Bulls sell after Show-Me-Select Bred Heifers

200+ Show-Me Select Bred Heifers 

  • Sutphin: 30 Blk Angus, Red Angus, Sim Angus, LimFlex  2-year old Bulls
  • Pleasantview Cattle CO.  Reg. Gelv. Bulls; 2 & 3 yrs old.
  • Harvey Geary Complete Dispersal, Odessa, MO. 3 Blk Balancer Bulls 3 1/2-4 yrs old. All calving ease Bulls.
  • Loren Lester Farms Complete Dispersal: 2 Blk Angus Bulls 3 yrs old.
  • Wilson Farms, Complete Dispersal: 1 Reg Angus Bull 3yr. Baker Angus, very solid bull.
  • Richard Pemberton Complete Dispersal: 1 BWF Bull Herf. Angus X 3 yrs. 1 Blk Ang bull 4 yr sired by Hoover Dam.
  • Galen Murphy: 1 18 mo old Red Angus Bull. Semen & Trich Tested.
  • Turnbow Farms: 1 21⁄2yr Blk Angus Bull, 1 18 mo. Blk Angus Bull
  • Misty Morning: 3 Red Limousine 20 mo old Bulls. Semen and Trich Tested
  • Waffle Farms: 3 Sim-Ang 18-20 mo old Bulls, Semen, and Trich Tested.
  • Gary Kaufman: 2 Reg. Black Angus Bulls. 2 yrs. Semen & Trich Tested
  • Rodekohr Farms: 1 1 yr old Short-horn plus Cow Bull. Semen & Trich Tested. Been showed at county fair & gentle.
  • Callahan Farms 1 18-month-old Blk Bull. Semen & Trich Tested
  • Marriott Farms 1 yr old Blk Bull Gelv. Bulls 6 1 yr old Red Gelv. Bulls. All bulls have been Semen & Trich Tested


Cows Consigned:   Cows sell following Bulls

  • Beeman Farms: 30 Fancy Blk Angus Heifers,1100 lbs,30 months old. Bred to Reg. Angus Bulls start calving March 1st for 60 days. 30 Blk Angus Cows, 3-6 yrs. old, 24 Blk Angus Cows, 7-SS. All cows bred to Reg. Blk Angus Bulls start calving March 1st for 75 days. All cows & heifers are good quality w/ a good vacation program; a nice set of spring breds.
  • Springhaven Farms: 20 Reg. Angus Heifers,1100 lbs,3 yrs. old. 10  Reg. Angus Heifers 1100lbs & 2 1/2 yrs. old.AI’d & cleaned up w/ Reg. Angus bulls. Papers will be transferred if the buyer is interested. Very gentle heifers, years of a breeding closed herd. Start calving March 1st.
  • Diamond X Farms: 12 Blk  Angus Cows,3-4yrs. old, 2nd Period. Bred to Reg. Angus Bulls start calving on February 1st.
  • Pleasantview Cattle CO. 13  Reg. Blk Gelv. & Balancer Cows 3-9 yrs. old. w/ Reg. Fall Calves @ side 250lbs calves at side. 3 Commercial Balancer 5 yr old cows, 2nd Period. Cows are very gentle & broke to hotwire fence. Cows have been through rotational grazing; every cow has been home-raised & current w/shots.
  • Harvey Geary Complete Dispersal, Odessa, MO. 1Blk Balancer Cows, 3-4 yr olds, all coming second calf. 66  Blk Balancer Cows 4-6 yrs. old. All cows start calving on March 1st. 22 Blk Sim-Angus Cows 4-6 yrs old w/ 4-500 wt calves. (3 n 1’s) All cows are home-raised, very good quality, and gentle. Had all their vaccination shots. They will be a top-selling set of cows that we have ever had the privilege to sell. Calves always top the market, constantly weaning off from 550-700lbs. If you want front-end cows do not miss this opportunity, it does not happen very often. Harvey has done business w/ us for over 30 yrs. Cows will be penned and ready to view after 2 pm on Friday.
  • Southers Farms: 10 Blk cows 5-7 yrs w/200 wt calves.
  • Ferris Farms: 70 Fancy Blk cows 3-4 yrs All spring calving cows. 60 Fancy Blk cows 5-7 yrs. All spring calving cows.
    Cows start calving Feb 20th. Bred to reg Blk Angus bulls and reg red Angus bulls. Had all shots, nice set of spring bred cows.
  • Spence Trust Complete Dispersal: 20 Fancy Red Ang 3-5 yrs. 40 Fancy Blk Ang Cows 3-4 yrs. 35 Blk Cows 5-7 yrs.
    5 Blk Cows 3-5 yrs w/200 wt calves. Bred to Reg Blk Ang Bulls and Reg Red Ang Bulls. All cows are gentle & have
    shots. Bulls turned on May 14th.
  • Loren Lester Farms Complete Dispersal: 20 Blk Cows 5-SS w/250 wt calves. 20 Blk Cows 5-SS 2nd & 3rd. 4 Pure-
    bred Herf Cows 5-SS w/200 wt calves. 3 Purebred Herf Cows 5-SS 3rd P. Sold Farm, all cows coming to town.
  • Godard Farms: 16 Fancy Red Brockel face Hfrs 1050 wt. Hfrs all home raised, start calving Feb 1st, Bred to Siden-
    Stricker Red LBWT Bulls. All shots wormed. Pelvic measured before breeding.
  •  Allen Farms: 11 Blk Balancer hfrs 1050 wt. Hrs all home raised. Bred to Red LBWT Ang Bulls. Start calving Feb 1st.
    Had all shots, wormed, and poured. Pelvic measured before breeding.
  • Double JA Farms: 6 Red Ang Char X Hfrs. 1100 wt. 12 Blk Nose Char Hfrs, 1100 wt. All hfrs very gentle, had all
    shots, wormed, and poured. Lepto shots scour guarded. Bred to LBWT Polled Herf Bulls from ADE Herefords. Start
    calving Jan 20th. Bulls put in 4/20. They are very front end kind.
  •  Wilson Farms, Complete Dispersal: 10 Blk Cows 6-SS w/ 2-350 wt calves. 20 Blk Cows 6-SS 2nd & 3rd P. 20 RWF
    Cows 6-SS 2nd & 3rd P. Cows are in good shape, selling due to health problems.
  • Vanhorn Farms: 12 Blk Ang Hfrs 1050 wt. Start calving Feb 20th. Bred to LBWT Ang bulls. Pelvic measured before
    breeding wormed, poured, Lepto shots
  • Conrow Farms: 15 Blk 2yr Hfrs w/ fall calves ET to match. 2 Red Baldy 2 yr hfrs w/ fall calves and ET to match. 2 Red
    Gel Cows 3yr w/ fall calves and ET to match. All cows have not been running with a bull. Very nice gentle pairs.
  • Richard Pemberton Complete Dispersal: 10 3 yr Blk cows. Coming 2nd calf. 15 Blk cows 4-5 yr. 7 Blk cows 6-SS. All
    cows are spring calvers, home raised, 1st time to the town. Bred to Angus & BWF Bulls. Start calving March 1st.
  • Drexel Ranch: 12 Reg Blk Ang open hfrs. 12 Reg Blk Ang Bulls. All spring 2020 Calves. Calves are AI sired by Tahoe,
    Growth Fund, Manning, Sunrise, Advance.
  • Zimmerman Farms: 22 Blk Cows 3-SS w/ Fall Calves. 15 Blk & BWF Cows 3-SS, 2nd & 3rd Period.
  • R. Johnson Farms: 30 Blk Cows 5-SS w/200wt Calves.  30 Blk Cows 5-SS 2nd & 3rd Period.  
  • Johnson: 35 Blk & Red Cows w/200-300 wt Calves. 30 Blk & Red Cows 5-SS 2nd & 3rd Period.
  • Stork Farms: 30 Blk Cows 3-SS 2nd & 3rd P. Bred to Blk Bulls.



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